Iraq reconstruction event shows Kuwaiti triumph in moral role – official

The Kuwait-hosted conference on Iraq’s reconstruction, held under the initiative of His Highness the Amir, assured the world that Kuwait has forgotten its wounds and has been victorious in its moral role throughout the Arab and Islamic regions, an official said.

In remarks to Kuwait state TV, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said the event presented the world with a clear message that this is Kuwait’s direction, and this is its leadership – a point which received global acclaim and admiration.

The efforts Kuwait assumed in order to make the event a success were tireless, he added, mentioning that the conference differed from others due to its focus on development.

Furthermore, the World Bank’s cooperation gave the conference credibility, he added, on the other hand, applauding the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s role in reaching out to the private sector.

Some 2,400 international businesses were keen on benefitting from the investment opportunities and assurances provided by Iraq, he said.

The event, held last February, resulted in contributions worth USD 30 billion presented by governments and businesses.

At the conference, His Highness the Amir announced Kuwait’s allocation of USD 1 billion in the form of loans, and another USD 1 billion in the form of investments, alongside donations from Kuwaiti charities.

Source: Kuwait News Agency