Iraq summons Iran’s envoy over remarks against US troops

BAGHDAD, Iraq’s foreign ministry on Wednesday summoned Iran’s Ambassador in Baghdad Iraj Masjedi, protesting against his remarks against the US forces in Iraq, said the ministry in a statement.

Masjedi made statements in which he threatened targeting the US troops, which are part of the coalition forces in Iraq.

The Iranian ambassador was informed about the Iraqi government’s absolute rejection of such statements, it noted.

These troops are working in Iraq upon a request from the Iraqi government and are training the Iraqi forces, the statement noted.

Iraq does not want to be a scene for conflicts or a springboard for any attack against Iraq’s neighboring countries or its friends either in the region or all over the world, the statement quoted Iraq’s undersecretary of foreign ministry as saying.

Meanwhile, the statement expressed the ministry’s rejection of attacking Iraqi diplomats who were on an official duty to Iraq’s consulate in Iranian city of Mashhad a few days ago.

It called on the Iranian authorities to probe into the incident and take required measures to avoid such attacks on the Iraqis who have “sisterly and historical” ties with Iran, according to the statement.

In a televised interview in Baghdad a few days ago, Masjedi threatened that Iran will target the US troops, which are part of the coalition forces in Iraq, if the US launches any attack on his country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency