Iraq to hold meeting in March to follow up on Kuwait’s rebuilding conf.

The Iraqi government plans to call for a meeting next month for countries that participated in Iraq’s reconstruction conference in Kuwait in order to follow up on their pledges, Prime Minister Haidar Abadi said Tuesday.

The government, he told a news conference, met with ambassadors of countries that made pledges at Kuwait’s conference and proposed a meeting next month to pave way for the rebuilding process.

He said Iraq sought to achieve “economic leap” following the investment pledges made iin Kuwait.

The reconstruction conference in Kuwait, added Abadi, was not the final phase but the first one to attract investment.

The conference “was an amazing and unexpected success,” he said, because the number of companies that attending the meetings was “higher by two or three folds than originally planned.” The February 12-14 reconstruction conference in Kuwait succeeded in collecting USD 30 billion to Iraq.

Source: Kuwait News Agency