Iraqi FM assures stable security situation in country

BAGHDAD, Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim met on Thursday with Ambassadors of foreign countries in Iraq, where they discussed the internal security situation in the country.

Al-Hakim assured the stability of the security situation in Iraq, after the recent wave of protest in different parts of the country, a statement by the government said.

Al-Hakim reviewed the measures taken by the Iraqi government to meet demonstrators’ legitimate claims, reassuring that the government will provide the necessary security to all foreign diplomatic missions and their employees, the statement added.

In the meeting, Minister Al-Hakim discussed with heads of Foreign missions issues of mutual concerns, calling for mobilizing international efforts to solve crises at the Arabic and regional levels.

He stressed Iraq’s readiness to support peaceful and political solutions and security, the statement note. Baghdad witnessed recently wide protests caused the closure of the Green Zone which includes most foreign embassies.

Source: Kuwait News Agency