Iraqi Pres. expresses concern over escalation in the Gulf

NEW YORK, Iraqi President Barham Saleh expressed Wednesday his concerns over latest developments in the Gulf saying that targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will lead to more escalation in the region.

In a speech he delivered before the United Nations General Assembly, President Saleh stressed the deep and strong Iraqi relations with its Arab and Gulf neighbors, confirming that his country will not be the starting point for any acts of aggression against any other country.

He said “We do not want our country to be a party to regional and international conflict and a place for settling scores,” calling for the formation of a security organization to ensure stability in the region.

As for the Iraqi affairs, President Saleh called for solving problems between the central government of Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

Terrorism is taking advantage of the political and security vacuum in Iraq, and “the military victory over the Islamic State (IS), which is currently trying to regroup, must be maintained”, he stresses Saleh noted that the “battle for sustainable development,” the return of displaced people, reconstruction of devastated areas, and job opportunities for young people are all “solutions to win the war against terrorism.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency