Iraqi president denounces Iraqi air strike

BAGHDAD, Iraqi Barham Saleh on Monday condemned US air strike that targeted locations in the country but he called for safeguarding missions of allied foreign countries.

The Iraqi Presidency quoted Saleh as denouncing “the American attack as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.” He called for respecting the country’s sovereignty, voicing determination for protecting foreign missions, embassies, bases of Iraqi and “international forces that back Iraq in facing terrorism.” Agreements signed between Iraq and the United Dtates affirm tasks for backing the Iraqi State potentials, beefing up the country’s stability, safeguarding its sovereignty and joint action against terrorism, he added.

He called for sparing Iraq “repercussions of international and regional conflicts” and urged for abstention from escalation amid current “critical conditions.” The Pentagon declared late on Sunday carrying out air raids on strongholds manned by Hezbollah in Iraq and Syria. On Friday, the US-commanded international coalition said an American civil contractor was killed in a missile strike on a military base in Kirkuk, North Iraq.

Source: Kuwait News Agency