Iraqis welcome Pres. Salih’s decision to refuse Al-Eidani as new PM

BAGHDAD, The Iraqis, on Friday, with cautiously welcomed Iraq’s President Barham Salih’s decision to refuse to assign the candidate Asaad Al-Eidani as Prime Minister of the new Iraqi government.

While there are no opinion polls to know the Iraqi street’s position on political decisions, the signs of welcoming the decision were more prevalent on the scene.

In Al-Tahrir Square, the stronghold of the protests in Baghdad, activists held a large banner with a picture of president Salih written on it, “Thank you, Barham, for standing with the demands of the masses and not responding to the candidates of corrupt parties.” Activists and prominent Iraqi pages with large followers on Facebook and Twitter have organized referendums about the president’s decision, which revealed a great welcome and in high proportions, and others posted tweets praising the decision.

However, others questioned the president’s motives and considered it part of a plan aimed at evading the responsibilities and constitutional duties entrusted to him.

Meanwhile, the sit-ins continued today, according to eyewitnesses, in Baghdad and the central and southern governorates of the country, rejecting Al-Eidani and calling for an independent candidate to be appointed as next prime minister.

Yesterday, the Iraqi president had apologized for assigning Al-Eidani to the prime minister position, justifying this by his keenness to bloodshed and protect civil peace in the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency