Iraq’s authorities receive complaints on protestors’ killing, MoI: full mobilization for tomorrow’s protests

BAGHDAD, Iraqi authorities began on Thursday receiving reports about the killing of activists in the recent demonstrations in which 150 people were killed.

Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council said in a statement today that investigative authorities began their mission today in the provinces that had witnessed the demonstrations in early October.

The teams are tasked with probing incidents, during the demonstrations, of killing, injuring protestors and security personnel and assailing journalists covering the events.

The statement called on litigators and relatives of the deceased and injured as well as the media outlets whose personnel were attacked and harmed to report to these committees in the provinces.

A government probing committee had affirmed that up to 150 people were killed and thousands others were injured in the recent protests. Most of the dead were believed to have been shot with sniper fire.

The commission did not specify the party responsible for the deadly shooting, but affirmed that the government security forces applied excessive force against the protestors.

The government for its part has decided to assign “the martyrs foundation” to financially help families of the deceased.

Earlier today, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced full mobilization of its personnel throughout the nation as a prelude to demonstrations, due on Friday.

The ministry official spokesman, Colonel Khaled Al-Mehanna, said in a statement that the personnel were put on high alert to protect the demonstrations and public properties, adding that the prime minister and minister of interior had advised the forces to deal with the protestors according to human rights.

Activists are planning a huge demonstration in Baghdad tomorrow along with other protests in the other governorates demanding legal action against those accused of killing and hurting the activists, in addition to eradication of corruption, securing regular utilities and creating jobs for the unemployed.

Meanwhile, the General Command of the Armed Forces conducted a reshuffle in the military command, a day ahead of the planned demonstrations.

A security commission had advised sacking more than 50 military and security chiefs, interrogating a number of senior officers on charges of “losing control on their troops.”

Source: Kuwait New Agency