IS-inspired lone attacks remain “evolving threat” despite defeat – UN

After military gains against the so-called Islamic State across Iraq, Syria and Philippines, the group continues to pose a “significant and evolving threat” through encouraging individuals to commit attacks on its behalf, a United Nations report warned on Thursday.

Briefing the Security Council on the document, UN Under-Secretary General for Counter Terrorism Vladimir Voronkov said the flow of IS fighters to Iraq and Syria had “nearly come to a halt” but those relocating to other regions remained a “considerable threat” to global security.

Despite the continuing deterioration of its global propaganda outlets, IS members are still able to coordinate attacks via social media, through encrypted messages and the dark web, he added.

After losing control of oil and gas fields in Syria, the group’s ability to generate revenue has also been weakened by 90 percent, with the only tools at its disposal now being “extortion and the control of checkpoints,” said Voronkov.

Outside of Syria and Iraq, affiliates in Egypt pose a “growing threat,” he added, while elsewhere, the group continues to have a presence in both Mali and Somalia, and commits attacks in Libya and Afghanistan.

In conclusuion, he said the international community needs to “address the deficit in counter?terrorism cooperation” and the “underlying conditions that caused young men and women to be lured by violent extremism.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency