Islam has nothing to do with terrorism – OIC leaders

MAKKAH, Muslim leaders have reiterated rejection to all forms of terrorism, affirmed that moderate Islam has nothing to do with it and called for a full-fledged approach to confront extremism and terrorism.

The leaders of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) members, in a statement over terrorism, called for uprooting extremist ideologies and cracking down on terrorism financing, as well as boosting national and international legal tools to confront this phenomenon.

The summiteers reiterated determination to fighting all terrorist acts in line with UN Charter and international law.

They welcomed the launch of the OIC’s wisdom center for dialogue, peace and understanding which would be an important step to disrupt and dismantle structure of the extremist speech in media and social media.

Meanwhile, the OIC leaders extended full support for the Iraqi government in its fight against terrorism.

They commended the liberation of cities that were occupied by so-called Islamic State (IS), and affirmed keenness on unity and territorial safety of Iraq.

The summit also praised the Iraqi government for working hard to secure return of displaced Iraqis to their homes in liberated areas.

Source: Kuwait News Agency