Israel obtains Iran’s original nuclear prog. archive – Netanyahu

GAZA, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday Israeli obtained intelligence information and the original archive of Iran’s nuclear program, accusing the Islamic Republic of preparing five nuclear bombs.

Israel obtained few weeks ago half a ton of information about Iran’s nuclear program, as well as the secret safe that contains Tehran’s “secret plan to prepare five nuclear bombs,” Netanyahu was quoted by Israeli media as saying.

He hailed the “big intelligence achievement,” resulted in obtaining 55,000 nuclear files that included photos, drawings and the original copy of the nuclear archive.

He also said Israel obtained 3,000 combact discs which included information about the nuclear program.

Soon after signing the nuclear agreement in 2015, said Netanyahu, Iran moved its nuclear archive to a secret location, and Israel got this archive few weeks ago.

Netanyahu said Iran was a “liar” when it claimed it did not plan to develop nuclear weapons.

He added Israel would provide copies of the Iranian documents to the International Atomic Energy Agency and Western governments. (

Source: Kuwait News Agency