Israeli occupation arrested 417 Palestinians in October — report

RAMALLAH, Israeli occupation authorities arrested 417 Palestinians including 75 children and 18 women in October, according to a joint report issued by local human rights organizations.

The organizations, “Nadi Al-Aseer,” “Al-Dameer” foundation and the prisoners’ authority, said in the common report that the total number of the Palestinians held in Israeli prisons until end of October amounted to 5,000 including 40 women, 200 children and 450 others subjected to “administrative detention,” languishing behind iron bars without trial.

Israel continues to apply this form of detention as a collective punishment to the Palestinian people, the report, said condemning the holding of activists outside framework of proper legal proceedings.

This type of detention is internationally prohibited, the report said, noting that it dated back to the British mandate in the 40s of the past century.

Israeli military authorities argue that such detentions are required for sake of keeping “sources of information” confidential. Seven of the Palestinian prisoners, subject to this type of imprisonment, are observing an open hunger strike. One of them is held in sequester.

Source: Kuwait News Agency