Israeli PM, US officials discuss Mideast peace plan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Friday with US President’s Advisor Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt discussing means of pushing ahead with the peace process, said Israeli media.

The four-hour meeting focused also on situations in the Gaza Strip and developments in the Mideast region, according to the media.

It was held at the office of Netanyahu in Jerusalem, in the presence of US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman who posted on Twitter “it was a great meeting today at Netanyahu’s office”.

The meeting of US officials with Netanyahu comes within the framework of a regional tour to discuss the US peace plan dubbed as “the century’s deal”.

The US trip neither included visiting the Palestinian territories nor meeting with Palestinian officials, after the Palestinian Authority had announced that it boycotted the US Administration following declaring the relocation of its embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel’s “Haaretz” newspaper revealed on Friday that US President Donald Trump’s plan suggests that the village of Abu Dis as a capital of an independent Palestinian state and that Israel withdraws from four Arab neighborhoods.

According to the newspaper, the plan did not involve the evacuation of settlements from the West Bank, including the isolated settlements, and that the enclosed areas remain under Israel’s control.

The paper noted that the Palestinian state, in accordance with the deal, would be without an army or heavy weapons in return for obtaining huge economic incentives.

The Palestinian Authority had previously warned of a US plan aiming to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank under the pretext of humanitarian aid.

It said that the plan aims to undermine the national project represented in ending the Israeli occupation and setting up the Palestinian state.

The authority said that making peace requires a response to the resolutions of the international legitimacy in line with the two-state solution based on establishing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Kuwait News Agency