Italian-Kuwaiti archeology course concludes Thurs.

KUWAIT: Kuwait University’s (KU) Faculty of Social Sciences concluded the first Italian-Kuwaiti archeology winter course on Thursday, in cooperation with Sapienza University of Rome.

The course is a boost to cooperation between the two countries on different levels, said Italian Ambassador to Kuwait Carlo Baldocci in a speech at the event’s conclusion.

He noted that Italy had invited Kuwaiti students to take part in a summer camp for archeological excavation north of Rome in August, as part of developing cooperation with Kuwait University.

On his part, the faculty’s archeology and anthropology lab supervisor Dr. Hassan Ashkanani told KUNA that Kuwaiti students will benefit greatly from the August trip to Rome, as Italians are famous for using new technology in excavation.

The course, which kicked off on 26 January, is part of the “Welcome Italy 2020” festival, organized by the Italian Embassy.

The course was attended by 20 students and researchers from KU, Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah and the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL), and they will receive a certified certificate from Sapienza University.

Source: Kuwait News Agency