Italian Pres. to starts new round of talks next Monday to form new Gov’t

ROMA, Italian President Sergio Mattarella decided on Thursday to start a new round of talks next Monday to form a new government and in an attempt to end the current political stagnation.

In a statement, the Italian presidential palace said that current political stagnation, since the past two months, after the legislative elections that has been leading the political scene because of the continuance of initial positions to political parties, and without finding a way to form new majority government.

The statement added that the president decided to launch the new round of talks and taking into consideration reaching an agreement between the five star movement and the democratic party, adding that the previous consultations, which was led by the Parliament Speaker, was in fact assigned by the president alongside the two parties.

The statement concluded that the president will make a one-day new consultation to see if the two parties have the will to form a majority government that will have parliament’s support and trust.

Source: Kuwait News Agency