Italy stresses role of US in Libya’s ceasefire, dialogue

ROME, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said Wednesday that his country stressed the importance of the US efforts to reach a ceasefire in Libya and encourage dialogue in the conflict-plagued country.

This statement came in the joint press conference with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who currently on a multi-country tour of Europe.

Di Maio affirmed that the US has a “vital” role in bringing a resolve to the situation in Libya.

On NATO, Di Maio indicated that his country was willing to contribute more in its role within the organization, saying that assigning new diplomatic parameters within the organization will hopefully focus on economic growth and development.

On his part, Pompeo said that reaching a ceasefire in Libya was a priority for Washington, revealing that he has focused on this aspect during meetings in Italy.

He added that the US was working with partners such as Italy to bring upon a peaceful resolve in Libya.

Source: Kuwait News Agency