Jordan agrees to hold new meeting regarding Yemeni situation next week

AMMAN, The Jordanian government on Saturday agreed on a meeting on Yemen next week in Amman as per the Office of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Yemen request.

This came in a press release by Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Sufian Al-Qudah who noted that his country agreed to hold a meeting between representatives of the Yemeni government and Ansar Allah group to follow up the discussion of the terms of the prisoner exchange agreement.

On January 16 and 17, Jordan hosted a meeting of the Technical Committee to follow up the implementation of the terms of an agreement signed in Sweden last December on the exchange of lists of prisoners between the two parties in Yemen in response to Martin Griffith’s request.

The media official in the UN Envoy’ Office Hanan Badawi described in a previous statement to KUNA the results of the meetings held in January, “positive”.

Source: Kuwait News Agency