Jordan evacuates 71 Jordanian, Arab students from China

AMMAN (KUNA) At least 71 Jordanian and Arab students were evacuated on Saturday from China’s central city of Wuhan after the spread of coronavirus by aircraft requested personally by King Abdullah.

Jordan’s Acting Health Minister Saleh al Kharabsheh said that the Royal aircraft carried 55 Jordanian students, seven Palestinians, three Omanis, a Lebanese, three Tunisians and Bahraini, which is the first official carrier of a country to enter the Wuhan airport for evacuation, Jordan’s Petra news agency reported.

All students will be transferred to one of Amman’s Hospitals for examination to ensure that they are free from infection. The evacuees will not enter the airport building as a precaution, he added.

Jordan Health Ministry’s Secretary General, Hikmat Abu al Foul told Petra that the students were in a good health and they will be isolated as a precaution.

Abu al Foul also pointed out that all Jordanian and Arab students will be examined on Sunday, noting that the aircraft will be sterilized over the course of five days.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) announced Saturday that the death toll hit 259 people and 11,791 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus in 31 cities and provinces in China.

In NHC’s daily report, they said that 1,795 patients remained in critical condition while 17,988 people were infection suspects and a total of 243 people were cleared Friday evening.

Source: Kuwait News Agency