Jordanian monarch opposes repositioning of foreign fighters in Libya

AMMAN, Jordanian King Abdullah II expressed his hope that the Moscow meeting of Libyan parties would calm the situation and concert efforts to confront the repositioning of “foreign fighters” who left Syria in Libya.

According to the Royal Diwan, this came during the King’s interview with France 24 TV Sunday on his country’s position towards the situation in the region ahead of a visit on Tuesday to Europe.

King Abdullah said that he believed that foreign fighters — who left Syria — were repositioning themselves in Libya.

He indicated that from the European perspective, and because of Libya’s proximity to Europe, this issue would be “An important focus of discussion in the next few days on how to deal with Libya and make sure that we are doing what is it is required to confront terrorist organizations”.

On Jordan’s position on sending Turkish forces to Libya, King Abdullah said that this would create “more confusion”, expressing his hope that Russia’s decision to host the conflict parties would calm things down.

The King stated on the goal of his visit to Europe, “We will be in Brussels, Strasbourg, and Paris in the next couple of days, reaching out with our friends and the leadership of Europe to look at multiple subjects in this area and how we coordinate this region with Europe. Obviously, on the forefront of people’s minds is what is happening between Iran and the United States”. Libyan officials announced the arrival of the Libyan Prime Minister, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the commander of eastern Libya’s forces, Khalifa Haftar to Moscow on Monday, amid expectations that a ceasefire agreement would be signed, which would pave the way for reviving a political process.

Source: Kuwait News Agency