Jordan’s King: Jerusalem “red line”

AMMAN, Jordanian King Abdullah II said on Wednesday that Jordan has a historical duty to Jerusalem City and its sanctities, adding that the City for him is a “red line”.

This came in a statement by Jordan’s Royal Court during a meeting of King Abdullah II with the residents of Zarqa city, east of Amman.

The King said “No one can put pressures on Jordan in this matter, and the answer will be no.” “All Jordanian people stand with me on Jerusalem and at the end, Arabs and Muslims will also stand with us,’ he stressed.

On talks about an alternative homeland for the Palestinians within the framework of solving their cause, the King affirmed his rejection to any proposals pertaining this move.

He said: “To anyone who speaks about an alternative homeland, the answer is no”.

Jordan has been supervising Muslim and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem in accordance with a peace agreement signed with Israel in 1994 and another deal signed by the King and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2013.

Jerusalem is witnessing several Judaization attempts by Israel, and its sanctities, mainly Al-Aqsa Mosque, are being attacked on a daily basis.

Source: Kuwait News Agency