KAFO project launches event on COVID-19

Amiri Diwan’s KAFO project has launched an event to exchange ways that the cultural sector dealt with to COVID-19.

Fatma Al-Moussawi, Executive Director OF KAFO said the fourth annual event of the Culture and Arts Society, held last Saturday, is one of many annual youth projects.

Al-Mousawi explained that the participants presented their experiences and achievements during COVID-19, as the session was opened by Kuwaiti novelist and short story writer Taleb Al-Refai on his publication called ‘The Color of Tomorrow,’ which touched on a question that was posed to Arab writers: What do you expect will happen in the year? Kuwaiti children’s writer Basema Al-Wazzan mentioned some of her books in the Kuwait Virtual Book Fair, namely ‘Ideas that Triumph’ and ‘I Want Surprise’ and many other stories for children.

Al-Mousawi pointed out that Kuwaiti novelist Istabraq Ahmad, who won cultural awards, has partnered with a group of writers to publish two books during COVID-19 period.

She indicated that all individuals can register on KAFO platform, which is the first national platform to display youth competencies to facilitate the process of research, communication and cooperation among them

Source: Kuwait News Agency