KRCS chief says His Highness Amir answers when humanity beckons

A Kuwait-hosted conference over reconstruction in war-torn Iraq is a “vital humanitarian initiative” that proves His Highness the Amir’s eagerness to meet the needs of humanity, said the chief of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Tuesday.

As he met with a group of Iraqi journalists ahead of the “Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq” next week, KRCS Chairman Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer said “no effort would be spared to assist our Iraqi brothers.” Al-Sayer pointed out that the copious amounts of aid Kuwait that have poured into Baghdad since 1993 runs the gamut from food and healthcare to educational assistance, all at a cost of USD 24 million.

Touring KRCS’ headquarters, the journalists, who will be meeting with senior Kuwaiti officials, acquainted themselves with the venerable charity’s recent activities.

Donor countries and organizations from across the international community, including the European Union, are expected to announce financial aid to Iraq at the February 12-14 meeting.

Source: Kuwait News Agency