KUNA celebrates 45 years of achievements amid technological challenges

Over the past 45 years, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) has been able to achieve the goals for which it was established, and still continuing its path in playing a vital role in enhancing media presences amid challenges of rapid technological developments.

KUNA was founded according to an Amiri Decree on October 6, 1979, which provides an objective service, by gathering and generating news to distribute to individuals and media institutions with all credibility and integrity.

The agency keens to broadcast news material that covers all fields and prepare studies and researches that are related to specific topics, in addition to issuing specialized books that includes the most significant events in Kuwait and the world.

Thanks to the national expertise and competencies, Kuna was able to achieve a prominent position among Arab and international agencies and its field has been diverse by establishing foreign offices around the world. In 1977, KUNA cooperated with commination and information ministries to receive tele printer devices, which enable to send and receive news from agencies all over the world.

On the international level, the Agency broadcasted a special bulletin for Kuwait embassies abroad in cooperation with Kuwait’s foreign ministry, which benefited 38 embassies and consulates at that time.

KUNA began to offer English news to subscribers in 1980, starting with 10 hours a day then increased to 12 hours.

In spite of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the seizure of KUNA’s equipment and archives, the agency was still able to operate from its main office in London, which was chosen due to the substantial presence of Arab and international media organizations.

The agency’s mission at that time was to emphasize the country’s political legitimacy and independence as a sovereign state recognized by international and regional organizations.

Following the liberation of Kuwait on February 28, 1991, KUNA resumed transmission from the main office in Kuwait on November 15, 1991.

After the Iraqi invasion, the agency focused on re-establishing itself by broadcasting an average of 40 stories a day and increased bulletin hours to 16.

In 1994, the agency introduced a new telephone service which delivers news to a larger number of people by dialing 120 on 24 hours daily basis.

On the local and Arab scale, Kuna takes part in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) agencies meetings and the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) and in the year 2000 it participated in the organization of News agencies in the Asian southeastern part and the northern pacific (AWANA) in addition to international forums.

On the local level, Kuna also kicks off a training program in cooperation with Kuwait University to enhance youth media skills.

In 2006, the agency launched its official website, which won second place in Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award.

In 2007, Kuna launched the “KUNA doors” e-service, which completes administrative work in a sophisticated manner that limits the use of papers in different sectors.

In 2011, the agency launched a new service that allows its readers to view its news bulletin in Arabic and English through social media, while in 2012 the website was launched in a new look that includes many news and information services in addition to its rich archive of photographs.

The agency was keen to release many publications, pamphlets, and documentary books on the most important local and global events such as “Al-Darisha” and “Small KUNA” magazines to be part of its contributions to the cultural scene.

In 2018, the agency broadcasted its news in French, in a step within the agency’s plan to develop its news services.

The agency had won many awards for its achievements such as in 2016 won the best Arab news agency operating in Lebanon, in 2018, won Sharjah Government Communication Award, and many others

Source: Kuwait News Agency