KUNA Training center concludes (mobile journalism) program

Kuwait News Agency’s Center for the Development of Media Skills concluded Wednesday the (Mobile Journalism) program in its initial level. The program is the second within its 2022-2023 training season.

The program that included 20 trainees from KUNA and Qatar News Agency focused on basics of mobile journalism, various communication tools, multimedia stories and text writing.

The program, presented by the academic and media figure Abdullah Kafawin from Jordan TV Channel, aimed to refine and develop the trainees’ practical skills in photography, video editing, and montage using mobile applications and smart devices.

The center will organize three other programs during its training season (2022-2023), including (mobile journalism – advanced level), (analytical reading of the Kuwait Stock Exchange – history – listing – trading) and (grammar in editing press news).

It was established in December 1995, and considered one of the oldest media training centers, it organized more than 544 training programs in various media fields, with the participation of 5,166 people from inside and outside Kuwait.

The center is concerned with increasing the skills of professional journalistic work and upgrading media content.

It also aims to bring theory and practice closer together in the field of press release writing, so that the trainee gets a scientific and practical start that will enable him to move forward in the world of journalism with a clear foundations and professional skills.

Source: Kuwait News Agency