Kuwait demands immediate end of Israeli aggression on Gaza

CAIRO, Kuwait demanded on Monday the need to end the Israeli aggression on Gaza, calling for the importance of opening boarders to bring humanitarian aids to the people.

This came during the General Secretary of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development Dr Khaled Mahdi’s speech in the fifth session of the Arab population and development council, held at the Arab League’s headquarter.

Mahdi added that the meeting comes in light of the situation Gaza is going through, including killing children, women and elderly, brutally demolishing homes and violating international laws.

He denounced the clear international silence that goes against all humanitarian values, which will have criminal effects in the future on international humanitarian laws respect.

Mahdi condemned the brutal aggression committed by Israel on the Palestinian people, including preventing the entry of humanitarian aid, targeting hospitals, schools, shelters and killing thousands of people.

He also praised the role of the Arab-Islamic Ministerial committee, which aims to stop the aggression on Gaza.

Mahdi pointed out that the suffering the region is experiencing comes as a result of climate change, namely the disaster on Libya’s city of Derna, as well as other natural disasters that killed thousands of people.

Mahdi also announced, as part of Kuwait’s follow-up, launching the report “Sensing the Social Risks Associated with Demographic Changes in the Population of the Arab World,” which was proposed by Kuwait previously.

He added that the report was prepared with the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, in cooperation with the Technical Secretariat of the Arab Council for Population and Development.

He also added that the report aims to identify a variety of social risks that the Arab region suffers from, including population growth and distribution and discussing the new challenges facing the Arab countries’ social policies in light of a new global economic arrangement.

He pointed out that these issues comes from the weak performance of social safety networks, the spread of multidimensional poverty, high unemployment rates, with various other issues.

Dr. Khaled Mahdi heads the Kuwaiti delegation to the Arab ministerial meeting, which includes Dr. Mona Al-Alban from the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.

Source: Kuwait News Agency