Kuwait Deputy FM heads delegation on fighting IS meeting

Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Majdi Al-Dhafiri headed, Tuesday, Kuwait?’s delegation participating in the Foreign Ministers meeting of the Global Coalition to defeat the so-called Islamic State (IS), held online at a joint invitation from the United States and Belgium.

The meeting came in the framework of continuing international efforts to fight IS and support the security and stability of the liberated areas.

During the meeting Ambassador Al-Dhafiri delivered a speech saying this meeting came at an appropriate time to discuss the latest developments and efforts of the international alliance.

The coalition has made great achievements in fighting terrorism and so-called Islamic Sate in particular, he said.

Al-Dhafiri stress importance of issuing a UN Security Council resolution calling on countries to take back their nationals which this step complete war against terrorism.

He also reiterated Kuwait commitment to disrupt sources of funding the so-called Islamic state, sharing information related to terrorism, the return of foreign fighters to their countries and supporting Iraq in the transition to the stage of sustainable reconstruction.

The delegation also included assistant foreign minister for affairs of the deputy minister’s bureau, Ambassador Ayham Al-Omar and Aassistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Development and International Cooperation Ambassador Nasser Al-Subaih.

Source: Kuwait News Agency