Kuwait Diabetes Association: 25.5 pct of Kuwait population have Type 2 diabetes

— Diabetes rates in Kuwait reach 25.5 among adults according to a recent report of the International Diabetes Federation, the Head of the Kuwaiti Diabetes Association (KDA) Dr. Waleed Al-Dahi warned Sunday.

In a press statement on the sidelines of the annual celebration of the discovery of insulin, held at Mall 360, Al-Dhahi said that this is the highest rate among the Gulf countries.

He said that many factors cause the high rates of Type 2 diabetes; most popular are the genetic factor, and lifestyle. Patients can avoid this Type 2 of diabetes by adopting a low-sugar diet system, and exercising regularly.

As for children, Dr. Al-Dhahi noted that the modern lifestyle with technology and spending hours on tablets and smart phones have contributed to the increase in the number of children suffering from diabetes.

Kuwait Diabetes Association (KDA) was established under the umbrella of the Kuwaiti Medical Association and includes more than 31,000 registered members to date.

It works in cooperation with the International Diabetes Federation, an organization that includes more than 230 local diabetes organizations in more than 170 countries and territories.

The association raises awareness of diabetes and provides workshops for the medical and non-medical community to share the latest developments related to diabetes.

Source: Kuwait News Agency