Kuwait embassy in Sudan affirms on its full commitment to Kuwaiti citizens

KHARTOUM, Kuwaiti embassy in Sudan confirmed on Saturday its commitment to carry out its duties to serve Kuwaiti citizens and to protect their interests.

In a press statement, the embassy assured its readiness to help all Kuwaiti citizens in Sudan.

The statement was issued after reports circulated in some social media, which highlighted a voice recording of a Kuwaiti citizen claiming that the embassy did not perform its duties in getting him, and a group of Kuwaiti citizens, back to the country after the prevailing conditions there.

“We were surprised to receive a call from an official from the embassy of Saudi Arabian informing as of the presence of Kuwaiti citizens there.

In return, the embassy contacted the citizens to find out why they did not go directly to it and issued the voice recording.

The embassy stressed the need for Kuwaiti citizens to abide by the warning issued by the Foreign Ministry earlier to avoid traveling to Sudan at the current time.

Source: Kuwait News Agency