Kuwait: Gulf economic integration shouldn’t be affected by differences

RIYADH, Kuwaiti Finance Minister Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf said that GCC economic integration should not be affected by any differences, opinions or political views among some Member States of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Al-Hajraf made his remarks at “The Middle East welcomes business” session on Thursday, held as part of the “Future Investment Initiative” forum in Riyadh, with the participation of Saudi Finance Minister Mohammad Al-Jadaan and Bahraini Minister of Finance and National Economy Sheikh Salman Al-Khalifa.

Minister Al-Hajraf explained that the economy affects every citizen in all Gulf countries, “which is what we focus on in the Gulf Economic Committee”, he added.

He stressed that what has been achieved during the past 30 years under the umbrella of the Gulf Cooperation Council is very good, pointing out that the differences between the GCC countries happens in all countries of the world , “and we must work to resolve it”, he said. Al-Hajraf pointed out that the visions and plans of the GCC countries are working in an integrated manner, and support each other to achieve the best way to give the private sector the ability to play its role, stressing that the GCC states will work in the economic aspect in an integrated manner.

For his part, Saudi Minister Al-Jadaan said “we are introducing Gulf resolutions every year in order to improve economic unification, such as allowing GCC citizens to do their business in any Gulf ccountry as it citizens, which applies to most professions”.

“We, as ministers, meet at least twice a year and every time we work on new laws,” he said.

The Initiative, which launched on Tuesday and will run until Thursday, is organized by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and in the presence of a number of head of states and decision makers.

Source: Kuwait News Agency