Kuwait keen on offering psychological aid to catastrophes, wars’ victims

It is without a doubt that catastrophes and wars cause extreme woes and pains for people being afflicted with such calamities.

To address such damage, it is very important to focus on the psychological impact on individuals who went through difficult experiences and therefore the notion of “psychological aid” is vital for the recovery of victims.

The State of Kuwait, known for its humanitarian role worldwide, had provided those afflicted by misery with psychological aid to ease their sadness and help them through tough times.

Social and psychological support is an integral part of the humanitarian aid, affirmed Othman Al-Asfour, head of the Tarahum — a Kuwaiti charitable team, which is part of the International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO).

Al-Asfour noted that the IICO had assembled the Tarahum team consisting of scores of psychologists and specialists to provide psychological aid and emotional support for victims of wars and crises.

The team focuses its efforts on the three refugees-hosting nations of Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkiye, he added, saying that the ensemble was supported by 30 volunteers seven months on an annual basis.

Speaking on her experience, psychologist Dr. Shereefa Al-Khamees affirmed that refugees were in much need of psychological aid as much as handouts and donations.

The psychological landscape of the affected is very delicate and requires thorough psychological treatment and support, she noted.

Refugee families, adults and children, require such aid and it is a humanitarian obligation to support them, Dr. Al-Khamees affirmed.

On his part, member of the team Ahmad Al-Ruwaieh said that providing moral support and psychological aid was very much need for refugees.

He added that volunteers and experts offered proper and well-studied programs and treatment to ease the pain of those who went through unspeakable events such as wars and natural disasters.

Source: Kuwait News Agency