Kuwait Municipality launch ablution water treatment project for plants

Kuwait Municipality and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs are executing a project aimed at treating water used for ablution in mosques to water plants in Mubarakiya markets area.

A small treatment chamber has been installed to treat and purify ablution water for the watering of plants in Mubarakiya markets area, Ahmad Al-Hajri, Director of Constructions at the Municipality, said in a statement.

The project, he added, aimed at benefiting from waste water. “It is a beginning of similar projects in future,” he said.

Abdullah Al-Mesbah, Director of the Ministry’s Mosques Sector, water used for ablution in Mohammad bin Bahar Mosque would be gathered in a tank, treated from harmful substances and then use to to water plants.

He said the project would promote 2035 New Kuwait Vision.

Source: Kuwait News Agency