Kuwait Nat’l Jet Ski team achieves top places in World Series

— Kuwait National Jet Ski team yesterday achieved the 1st, 4th, and 16th places in the Euro Jet Ski World Grand Prix in Poland.

Mohammad Borbayea achieved the 1st place in Pro Runabout Grand Prix division, Mohammad Al-Baz came in 4th, and Abdulrahman Al-Omar achieved the 16th spot in the same division.

In a statement for Kuna, Director of the Jet Ski committee in Kuwait Sea Club Hussain Dashti said on Monday that this tournament is considered the first round of the World Championship.

“There are two more rounds for the Championship, one in the USA and the other in Thailand, and the Kuwaiti team is looking forward to achieve high ranks in this significant sporting event,” he said

Source: Kuwait News Agency