Kuwait partakes in 60th GCC finance undersecretaries meeting

– Kuwait’s ministry of finance on Wednesday took part in the 60th meeting of GCC Undersecretaries of Ministries of Finance Committee via videoconference.

During the meeting, in which Undersecretary Aseel Al-Manifi took part, the conferees discussed several topics that concern the Gulf citizen, Kuwait’s Ministry of Finance said in statement.

The meeting also touched on the role of the GCC joint program production corporation regarding media campaign on the Gulf citizenship, it added.

The conferees deal with the implementation of the decisions on ground to reach the Gulf economic integration in line with the GCC leaders’ recommendations, it noted.

They reviewed some reports on the meetings of governors of GCC central banks and monetary institutions and the joint Gulf market as well as others, it stated.

They focused on the GCC Secretary’s memo on studding a unified definition of the Gulf national product and on the equality at all Gulf higher educational institutions for all students, it made clear

Source: Kuwait News Agency