Kuwait partakes in Global Business Councils’ meeting in Dubai

– Kuwait Business Council in Dubai (KBC) on Wednesday took part in the virtual meeting of the Global Business Councils that includes delegations of 31 countries.

The KBC’s participation in the gathering aimed at reviewing experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and initiatives launched by several private and public institutions existing in the UAE to overcome these challenges, Firas Al-Salem, Vice President of KBC, told KUNA in a statement.

He said that the efforts made by the Council in carrying out its digital transformation strategy and adopting virtual means of communications were reviewed to help the Council continue its work without interruption during curfew and economic shutdown.

He noted that KBC submitted its expectations for business in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf after coronavirus, and discussed challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises to return for regular economic activities.

He indicated that the meeting also discussed the recovery of various economic sectors, the rapid activation of incentive measures taken by countries, as well as the contribution of global business councils to them.

In addition, it focused on the possibility of organizing varied commercial and economic events, exhibitions, and conferences to be held in the future, amid the continued health crisis and its challenges.

Established in 2016, the KBC includes the most active Kuwaiti business people in the UAE with the aim of cementing ties with different economic sectors there.

Source: Kuwait News Agency