Kuwait PM to Dubai’s Gov’t Summit: Epistemic governance bolster global development

To address challenges, manage crises, and diversify economies, the world needs to support epistemic modes of governance, said His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on Monday.

In his speech to the World Government Summit held in Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Ahmad affirmed that the world was going through a delicate period that required exceptional management of any given situation whether it was improving economies or handling natural and manmade crises.

He noted that his country had taken confident steps toward realizing the Kuwait Vision 2035 for development, transforming it to a financial and commercial regional hub attracting global investments.

His Highness the Prime Minister also affirmed that the State of Kuwait had taken strides in the direction of digitizing government transactions and developing work, economic, environmental and social atmospheres.

He affirmed that the Kuwait plan was in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) 2030.

His Highness the Prime Minister remarked on the slogan of the current summit “Shaping Future Governments”, saying that it reflected a clear innovative vision for the world set by host country the UAE.

He commended the Emirati government on its high-level organizing of this prestigious global event.

The Kuwaiti Prime Minister said that the current summit was held during a critical time in the world, extending during his speech condolences to the governments and people of both Turkiye and Syria, which were affected by a devastating earthquake last Monday.

Returning to the issue of shaping future governments, His Highness the Prime Minister pointed out that knowledge revolution and the digital transformation required from governments to step up their games and meet the ongoing challenges whether financial, educational, and so on.

Failing to solve problems whether pertaining to the environment or international conflicts would lead to catastrophic consequences for the whole world, he added.

Meanwhile, His Highness the Prime Minister highlighted a recent achievement by Kuwait, which came with the launch of the KuwaitSat-1 satellite from Florida, US.

He revealed that the project was a success due to the three-year cooperation between Kuwait University (KU) and Kuwait Foundation for Scientific Development (KFAS), adding that the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and University of Colorado Boulder also played a part in the project, making it a success international cooperation venture

Source: Kuwait News Agency