Kuwait pursues relief in Yemen as part of 7-year “Kuwait on Your Side Campaign”

– The State of Kuwait, via its various associations, has pursued relief and humanitarian aid to people suffering from deprivation of basic needs in Yemen as part of the ongoing seven-year-old “Kuwait on Your Side Campaign.” The Kuwaiti Humanitarian Relief Society overhauled and furnished two high-level schools in the Yemeni city of Taiz; the first such venture by the association this year in the war-stricken country, as part of its continuing, “Kuwait on Your Side Campaign.” The Yemeni Al-Hekma Society that executed the project said in a statement that it had inked two agreements to maintain and repair buildings of “Muadh bin Jabal School” in Taiz and “Martyr Ahmad Mahmoud School” in the district of Al-Misrakh in the south of Taiz Governorate.

Kuwait built the two schools many years ago. With time, they needed repair and renovation.

Al-Hekma Society indicated in the statement that the two schools were equipped with solar energy systems in addition to various equipment and furniture.

The Kuwaiti Humanitarian Relief Society launched, last year, 28 educational projects in several Yemeni provinces, including furnishing and maintenance, in addition to granting financial allotments for 100 teachers serving at schools on the island of Socotra — sufficient for a year of work.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti Al-Najat Charity distributed winter clothes to 400 relocated families, settling at a camp in Maarib Governorate, also in line with “Kuwait on Your Side Campaign,” proceeding for the seventh consecutive year.

Mohammad Al-Saeedi, an official in charge of the relocated camps in Maarib, lauded the substantial Kuwaiti humanitarian assistance for the displaced, who have lost their houses due to the fighting and violence.

Humanitarian needs of the displaced Yemenis have drastically increased due to the military escalation witnessed in Maarib since months ago, he said.

A large number of civilians escaped their homes in beleaguered Maarib, seeking shelter in relatively safer areas in Yemen.

Some have already been relocated twice as arenas of fighting widens.

Meanwhile, Ihab Al-Dabbous, the chairman “Fahaheel Alms Committee,” an affiliate of Al-Najat Charity, indicated that the aid benefited 396 families settling at the shanty towns in Maarib. For his part, Mohammad Al-Senab, the director of the local bureau of “Yanabee’ Al-Khair in Maarib” society, executor of the relief project for the relocated, said that hundreds of people who lost their homes were in dire need for support, namely dwelling, food and water.

Source: Kuwait News Agency