Kuwait Radio ready to broadcast parliamentary elections – official

Information Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Radio Affairs Sheikh Fahad Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah confirmed how ready Kuwait Radio is to cover the 2020 National Assembly elections and to show it through media and technology.
In a statement to KUNA, Sheikh Fahad Al-Mubarak said on Monday that the radio sector is eager to implement the directives of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Acting Minister of Information Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, as well as the Information Ministry’s Undersecretary Muneera Al-Huwaidi, mentioning that the coverage of the December 5 parliamentary elections should be distinguished, from opening the ballot boxes to the counting process and ending with announcing the official results.
“Preparations are being made by following up on all sectors in order to ensure that the coverage is excellent with comprehensive and distinct media coverage of the voting process,” he added.
The coverage will focus on creating interaction and direct communication between the people, including procedures and news, in addition to spreading awareness of the rights, duties and collective responsibility among individuals, Sheikh Fahad Al-Mubarak explained.
Radio coverage on Election Day will focus on urging voters to comply with the health requirements recommended by the health authorities, plus contributing to facilitating the work of government agencies related to the elections, such as the Ministry of Interior and others, he pointed out.
Kuwait Radio divided its programmatic plan into three stages; starting with the announcement of the decree calling for elections, then the implementation phase, and the final stage will be on Election Day to close the ballot boxes and announce the results, Sheikh Fahad Al-Mubarak indicated.
Meanwhile, Saad Al-Fandi, director of Kuwait Radio public program and the general supervisor of the radio’s election coverage, underlined that the radio sector is eager to show the parliamentary elections with distinguished coverage that keeps pace with the vital event, referring to the weekly meetings of Sheikh Fahad Al-Mubarak with directors of radio stations.
Kuwait Radio divided the work mechanism into five teams in studios fully equipped to cover all five electoral districts from the start of the voting process until the end of the counting and consequently the results, Al-Fandi said.
A team of 15 reporters was formed for Election Day, distributed among all constituencies and electoral committees, while being screened three times per day, he added.
The radio will educate citizens to participate by enlightening them to make good choices between candidates, plus urging citizens to adhere to health precautions during Election Day, Al-Fandi explained.


Source: Kuwait News Agency