Kuwait ranks first globally in fifth generation technology

Minister of Commerce and Industry and State Minister for Communications Affairs Omar Al-Omar said that Kuwait achieved first place globally and regionally in terms of leadership in fifth generation technology, according to GSMA Intelligence.

In a press statement Wednesday, Al-Omar said that Kuwait achieved a result of 68 points, representing the score for the fifth generation for the year 2023, as this index measures the country’s performance in spreading and using fifth generation technology in several categories.

He explained that the index measures include infrastructure, service provision and user experience, and that according to the index, Kuwait is the lead globally and regionally, indicating a strong implementation and integration of fifth generation technology within the country.

The total score for the fifth generation reflects the technical capabilities of the fifth generation network and the effectiveness of exploiting these capabilities to enhance connectivity, drive innovation, and improve se
rvices for users.

The minister said that achieving the highest score in the world indicates that Kuwait has greatly succeeded in setting a standard for fifth generation excellence in the country, showing its superiority in this crucial aspect of digital transformation.

Kuwait’s score on the index level takes into account factors such as network coverage, speed, reliability, and the range of services that enable the fifth generation, making it a major indicator of technological progress and a driver of economic growth.

Al-Omar noted that Kuwait achieved first place in the world in the ICT Development Index (IDI) for the year 2023 issued by the International Telecommunication Union, as Kuwait topped the index, surpassing 169 counties.

He explained that this index consists of 10 indicators divided according to two basic pillars: global communication and purposeful communication, and they are assessed by the International Telecommunication Union on a scale ranging from zero to 100 points, where 100 indicates
that the Internet connection performance has reached its highest levels.

According to the index, Kuwait achieved first place with a total score of 98.2 points, while Singapore came in second place globally with a total of 97.4 points and Qatar in third place with 97.3 points, stated Al-Omar.

Source: Kuwait News Agency