Kuwait slams Israel’s persistence in aggressive policy

The State of Kuwait on Thursday renewed its strong condemnation of Israel’s persistence in its aggressive policies and violating the UN Security Council resolutions.

Addressing a UNSC session on “the Situations in the Middle East,” Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mansour Ayyad Al-Otaibi said Israel, as an occupying power, persists in its provocative measures and unilateral actions in contravention to the UNSC resolutions, particularly the resolution No. 2334.

This is the first time for Ambassador Al-Otaibi to participate in a Council session on the Palestinian issue since Kuwait become a Council member early this month. “No party could be allowed to avoid implementation of binding Council resolutions through unrealistic excuses,” he stressed.

“Yet, Israel was in breach of resolution 2334 (2016), as it continued its aggressive policies, unilateral measures and provocations in the absence of any serious call by the Council to end its aggressions and comply with its 1949 Geneva Convention obligations.

“Its unprecedented settlement expansion in the Occupied Palestinian Territory had become a daily routine for Palestinians, confirming the need to end that situation through a two-State solution,” Al-Otaibil stated.

He welcomed the demand by the General Assembly and the Council to end the occupation, reaffirming the importance of the land-for-peace initiative and the Arab peace initiative.

He cited United Nations principles, including not to infringe on Jerusalem’s special status, and regarding the importance of measures that sought to do so. It was unacceptable to think that unilateral decisions would ease the conflict.

He encouraged all donor States to provide UNRWA with funding, noting that Kuwait had offered USD 7.9 million in December 2017 and January 2018. He reaffirmed East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine, and expressed support for all legal and peaceful efforts by the Palestinians at the national and international levels to exert sovereignty over Al-Quds Al-Sharif

Source: Kuwait News Agency