Kuwait Society for Relief sends USD 245,000 aid convoy to Sudan

— Kuwait Society for Relief launched 200 tons of about USD 245,000 urgent aid convoy for people affected by floods that hit Sudan recently.

In a statement to KUNA, the Sudanese Minister of Health Osama Ahmad Abdel-Rahim, expressed appreciation for the generous and continuous support of Kuwaiti leadership, government and people.

For his part in a similar statement, Kuwaiti charge d’affaires in Khartoum Abdul Karim Al-Mejaim, said the aid convoy came to curb the disaster of the floods as he stressed continuation of the aid air bridge until the crisis is over in Sudan.

The Sudanese authorities warned of the repercussions of the floods and declared a state of emergency in all parts of the country for three months. They also decided to consider Sudan a natural disaster area after increasing rains and rise of the Nile River to a high level.

According to the Humanitarian Aid Commission in Sudan, more than 770,000 people were affected, as rains and floods killed 121 people and wounded 45 others, in addition to the collapse of about 100,000 homes, while 1,700 hectares of agricultural land were damaged and 5,930 livestock deaths were recorded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency