Kuwait University joins forces with Italian professors for archeology classes

Students participating in archeology classes

KUWAIT, Kuwait University is collaborating with Italian scholars to offer special courses on the archeology of Western Asia and the Mediterranean, an initiative geared towards students eager to soak up the region’s fascinating history. The classes are tantamount to a journey through Kuwait’s culture and history, the remnants of which date back more than 300 years, according to Dr. Humoud Al-Qashan, a professor of sociology at Kuwait University.

The program is an effort to push forward Kuwait’s development strategy for 2035, he added, revealing that a quintet of Italy’s most renowned scientists are taking part in this academic endeavor.

The courses revolve around the archeological and geographical histories of the region, said Marco Ramazzotti, a professor of archeology at Rome’s famed Sapienza University, pointing out that the primary objective is to familiarize students with Arab civilization.

He went on to thank Kuwait University for organizing the program, saying it is a testament to the increasing camaraderie between Arab countries and their European partners.

The classes mark the first time Kuwait University has collaborated with the Italian embassy, said Dr. Hassan Ashkanani, a researcher at the Experimental Anthropology Lab at Kuwait University.

In addition to the classes, the program, attended by some 20 participants representing various state bodies, also features workshops covering particular time periods in the archeological history of the region, he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency