Kuwait urges cap on weapons flow for world peace

The State of Kuwait has restated its unyielding and firm positions on the issues of disarmament and international security by stressing that it is not possible to attain world peace and security unless weapons proliferation is halted.

The remark was made by Second Secretary of Kuwait’s Diplomatic Mission at the UN Ibrahim Al-Dai before the First Committee of the UN General Assembly.

“Attaining peace obliges all of us to seek to rid humanity of these weapons and to provide and harness material and human potential for the sake of advancement and development,” he said.

He noted that Kuwait’s stance stems from its respect of international agreements and treaties, and its unwavering belief in relevant obligations, chiefly disarmament-bearing ones.

He called for reactivating cooperation in the realm of peaceful use of atomic energy, welcoming the success of the First Session of the Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction, presided by Jordan.

He called anew on all invited parties to join the gathering in order to reach a consensual and binding treaty in this regard, thus bolstering regional and international security and peace.

The Kuwaiti diplomat stressed that it is essential for countries and international organizations to share information and expertise so as to stop the flow of weapons to terrorist groups and entities.

He, further, urged the promotion of international cooperation in order to promote communication and information technology security with a view to boosting the capabilities of countries against cyber attacks which puts global security in jeopardy.

Finally, he hoped that open dialogue and constructive dialogue would continue with the goal of ensuring sustainable peace, peace and stability and shoring up confidence and as well as reducing the perils of weapons proliferation.

Source: Kuwait News Agency