Kuwaiti photographer wins 2nd place of Nature TTL Awards

– Kuwaiti photographer Mohammad Murad won the award of Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021 competition after catching Urban Wildlife second place for his photograph (The Fox of Arabia).

This international competition witnessed the participation of nearly 8,000 photographs from different countries of the world.

In a statement to KUNA, Murad said, the picture depicts wildlife in different parts of the world, as the winning photograph is of the Arab red fox behind Kuwait City streetlights and buildings.

Three months were planned to produce different and unusual work, Murad said.

The photograph has received a great echo in Kuwait, Gulf, and the world, and has become an inspiration for many, he said.

Photographing wildlife and birds is about showing the animal behavior with appropriate lighting in less than a fraction of a second to give the image feelings that both the photographer and viewer can feel, he added.

The photographer cannot change nature, nor can he control the lighting, atmosphere, or behavior, as these reasons make photographing wildlife and birds require a lot of patience, Murad said.

This international competition is held annually in Britain and witnesses the participation of professional photographers from all over the world, he said, adding that participating in international competitions gives the photographer a vision of his work value and level.

Source: Kuwait News Agency