Kuwaiti planes carrying medical supplies to return from China – Amb.

Three Kuwaiti aircraft departed from China’s Quanzhou International Airport Tuesday to ship out medical supplies to Kuwait as part of air bridge between the two countries.
In a statement received by KUNA, Kuwait’s Ambassador to China Sameeh Hayat affirmed that there are three other planes scheduled to provide the country with medical supplies to enhance its strategic stock during this weekend.
Ambassador Hayat also pointed out that there were other shipments of medical and preventive supplies that were launched last week from China towards the country by sea shipping from the most important Chinese international ports in the cities of (Shanghai) and (Tianjin) and that they would arrive in Kuwait soon.
The Ambassador expressed Kuwait’s appreciation for the continuous efforts in which the leaders of the Chinese government, especially in the foreign and trade ministries and the Central Customs Authority, providing permanent support, facilitating all procedures, and overcoming difficulties and obstacles in front of the Kuwaiti embassy in Beijing to support efforts for containing and combating the coronavirus.


Source: Kuwait News Agency