Kuwaiti shooter wins gold in Grand Prix competition in Turkiye

The Kuwaiti shooter Sarah Al-Hawal took the first place and won the gold medal in the “Trap” competition of the Grand Prix Shotgun championship in Konya, Turkiye.

Al-Hawal dedicated this win to the Kuwaiti political leadership and the Shooting Club for their unlimited support for the sport.

In a phone call with (KUNA) on Friday, Al-Hawal said that she always aspires to raise the flag of Kuwait in international forums, hoping to win more championships at international and local levels.

Al-Hawal has accomplished many international and local victories, and achieved first place in several local and Asian championships.

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Grand Prix Shotgun started in the Turkish city, Konya, on 13 June, with participation of more than 100 athletes from 19 countries, and will continue until June 22nd.

Source: Kuwait News Agency