Kuwaiti student visit remote Vietnamese tourist resort

HANOI, A group of outstanding Kuwaiti students visited on Friday the Vietnamese tourist resort of Tam Dao as part of the 11th trip organized by Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED).

Hussein Matqi from Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah School marveled at unique natural scenery at the 1,000 meter altitude tourist attraction. He also expressed gratitude to KFAED for organizing such an adventure “that enriches our education.” His fellow student, Saleh Mohammad from Shujaa bin Al-Aslam School, has indicated that trips to such a remote and very cold destination are helpful for morale and confidence boosting.

The journey supervisor, Salem Mahmoud representing the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education, affirmed that the aventure blended education with entertainment.

The trip is part of KFAED’s program titled, “Be one of the excellent,” launched in 2010. Accordingly, two journeys are organized per year for Kuwaiti students, namely those of high grades. This group of students had visited site of Van Dinh Water Logging Control project, executed by KFAED for serving about three million people in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi.

The project, launched in 1987, protects farming lands against natural disasters and provides clean drinking water to residents. It is worth KD four million (about USD 13 million) and contributes to production of about five million cubic meters of gallons per day, covering 28,000 hectares of land.

KFAED is funding several agricultural, health and electricity development ventures in Vietnam.

The Kuwait fund has given 15 loans, worth KD 54 million (about USD 178 million), for the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency