Kuwait’s athletics team prepares in Morocco for upcoming races

Kuwait’s athletics team continues, in Morocco, preparation for upcoming competitions, particularly the May 28 Doha Diamond League in Qatar’s capital.

Morocco’s selection was correct because of its terrain and climate, which help runners acquire stamina, refine technical skills and possess the necessary competence, coach of the national team Hamou Al-Bukili told KUNA on Monday.

This three-month camp enabled runners to achieve positive results at upcoming regional and international meetings, he added.

He referred to the success of tests of Bader Suwayyed and Ibrahim Al-Dhefiri, especially in the 800-meter race, underlining that they are qualified to compete in the world championships.

Fawaz Al-Yaqout, Khaled Jamaian and Hussein Kamal made new “promising” personal numbers in the tests, he said.

The national team is currently continuing its training in Evren city, well-known for its climate, in order to increase the level of performance, achievement and endurance among runners, he stated, saying that the participants look forward to representing and honoring their country in future meetings.

Jumaian, meanwhile, underscored the importance of this camp, referring to the improvement of participating runners of their personal records as well as developing their skills and upgrading their abilities.

For his part, Suwayyed commended the camp’s positive atmosphere, noting the improvement in the numbers and results among most runners will positively reflect on their participation in the races.

Source: Kuwait News Agency