Kuwait’s EPA stresses importance of laws, regulations protecting biodiversity

Following environmental laws and regulations will help protect the biodiversity of Kuwait’s environment, said officials at the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Tuesday.

Speaking to KUNA, head of the EPA’s biodiversity department Lina Al-Awadhi said that Kuwait was a vital stop for some 400 species of birds making their seasonal migration.

Due urban expansion, migrating birds tend to flock to specific spots in Kuwait, which unfortunately leads to overhunting, she indicated.

Al-Awadhi revealed that hunters tend to target these migratory birds without discrimination, leading to dire consequences.

On his part, the EPA’s head of the nature reserves department Hani Al-Tamimi indicated Kuwaiti environmental laws prohibit the hunting, the killing, or capturing of land or sea creatures as well as their offspring without legal permits even in the case of scientific studies.

There are punishments for those breaking the laws, which includes a year of imprisonment and a fine of KD 500 to 5,000 or both, he affirmed, adding that the laws were set to protect biodiversity and the environment.

Al-Tamimi went on to say that hunting permits were issued by the Ministry of Interior, revealing that the season usual was set between September and April unless the EPA advises against it.

There are certain areas were hunting is allowed especially in the northern region of the country, he said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency