Kuwait’s scientific institute conducted record number of researches in 2021

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), one of Kuwait’s scientific landmarks, conducted up to 52 researches for public and private institutions and authorities in the year 2021, a KISR official said on Thursday.

In addition to the record number of researches, the institute had also presented technical and consultative services for some sectors, said Dr. Adel Al-Sdirawi, KISR’s acting director general in a statement.

Moreover, the institute increased number of scientific bulletins and publications, he indicated, adding that the institute researchers presented, in 2021, 98 scientific studies at conventions held locally and abroad.

The researchers at KISR had also contributed with many studies, he said, noting that the efforts had been exerted by personnel serving in the divisions of petroleum research, water research, energy and environmental affairs.

A number of local and foreign scientific institutions benefited from KISR’s researches, he said, disclosing that the institute recorded six invention patents at the US patents agency. These patents were for a high output water desalination system, organic soil reclamation, a system for treating salty water pressure, others for air-conditioning and waste treatment technologies.

Despite negative ramifications of the coronavirus, KISR earned many awards and certificates of admiration from renowned local and international institutions. Moreover, a number of the institute personnel were rewarded and honored.

Dr. Al-Sdirawi said among the honored KISR personnel was Dr. Fotooh Abdulaziz Al-Raqam, who was appointed as the head of the energy engineers association in the US for 2021 — it was the first time that an Arab woman scientist elected to the prestigious post.

Elaborating, he mentioned that Dr. Samira Ahmad Al-Sayed Omar was decorated with “Italy Star” by the Italian ambassador to Kuwait. Furthermore, Dr. Abdulhamid Hashem was elected member of the US national academy for engineering.

Shedding further light on KISR’s accomplishments over the passing year, Dr. Al-Sdirawi said the institute finished construction of the ship “Al-Mostakshef,” a unique marine vessel equipped with state-of-art laboratories and specialized in marine sciences and fisheries.

Source: Kuwait News Agency