Lebanese cabinet gears towards reshuffling, new gov’t formation – reports

BEIRUT, The Lebanese cabinet is gearing a reshuffle or new government formation as per media reports on Saturday citing a Friday meeting between Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri and President Michel Aoun.

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) revealed that Al-Hariri proposed the steps during his meeting with Aoun with the latter expressing no contention to the ideas.

The LBC affirmed that the upcoming 48 hours would be decisive for the government, which must take measures in light of the protests crippling the country for the tenth day straight.

According to Lebanon’s al-mar television station (MTV), sources close to Al-Hariri affirmed that the government will not resign, affirming that the Prime Minister will continue his job of running the government.

Protestors demanded the resignation of Al-Hariri’s government, calling for the formation of a new cabinet distanced from current political parties.

Four ministers from the Christian-based “Lebanese Forces” party resigned from the cabinet last week in a step reflecting their conviction that the government could not resolve the ever-growing dilemma in the country.

The National News Agency (NNA) said that the Lebanese army and security forces opened a number of main roads in the country despite continuation of protests.

Source: Kuwait News Agency